"An app store for bioinformatics workflows"

Dockstore is an open platform used by the GA4GH for sharing Docker-based tools described with either the Common Workflow Language (CWL), the Workflow Description Language (WDL), or Nextflow (NFL). The beauty of Dockerized workflows is that they come packaged with all of their requirements, meaning you spend less time searching the web for obscure installation errors and more time doing research.

Dockstore is aimed at scientific use cases, and we hope this helps users find helpful resources more quickly. Our documentation is also created with researchers in mind: we work to distill down information about the technologies we use to the relevant points to get users started quickly.

In the next few pages, we highlight documentation relevant to BioData Catalyst users. If you are brand new to Dockstore, we also suggest reviewing our Getting Started Guide. Our entire suite of documentation is available here.