Strategic Planning

In the context of agile development and a Consortium with a diverse set of members, the application of various agile-development terms may mean different things to different individuals.

The table below defines the BDC Core Terminology:




User Narrative

Descriptions of a user interaction experience within the system from the perspective of a particular persona. User Narratives are further broken down into Features, Epics, and User Stories. Currently formulated into rough 6-month timelines to benchmark progress.

An experience bioinformatician wants to search TOPMed studies for a qualitative trait to be used in a GWAS study


A functionality at the system level that fulfills a meaningful stakeholder need

*Level at which the BDC3 coordinates

Search TOPMed datasets using PIC-SURE platform


A very large user story which can be broken down into executable stories

*NHLBI’s cost-monitoring level

PIC-SURE is accessible on BDC

User Stories

A backlog item that describes a requirement or functionality for a user

*Finest level of PM Monitoring

A user can access PIC-SURE through an icon on BDC to initiate search


A collection of related features; orthogonal to a User Narrative

Workstreams impacted by the User Narrative above include:

  • production system

  • data analysis

  • data access

  • data management

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