Overview of the Profile page on the BioData Catalyst Powered by Gen3

Profile Page

The Profile page contains two sections: API keys and Project access.

API key(s)

To download large amounts of data, an API key will be required as a part of the gen3-client. To create a key on your local machine, click Create API key, which will activate the following pop-up window:

Click Download json to save the credential file to your local machine. After completion, a new entry will appear in the API key(s) section of the Profile page. It will display the API key key_id and the expiration date (one month after the key creation). The user should delete the key after it has expired. If for any reason a user feels that their API key has been compromised, the key should be deleted before subsequently creating a new one.

Project Access

This section of the Profile page lists the projects and the methods of access for the data within in the Gen3 BioData Catalyst system. If you do not see access to a specific study, check that you have been granted access within dbGaP. If access has been granted for over a week, contact the BioData Catalyst Help Desk:

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