Now that you can log in, you’ll want to make sure that you have access to a Billing Account and Billing Project. This will allow you to charge storage and analysis costs through a Google account linked to Terra. A Terra Billing Project is Terra's way of connecting a workspace where you accrue costs for things, back to a Google Billing account where you pay for it. You must have a Google Billing Account established before creating a Terra Billing Project. Outlined here are the steps necessary to set this up, as well as instructions on how to add or be added to an existing account/billing project.

Detailed instructions for setting up your billing can be found by following the links below. If you are a BioData Catalyst Fellow, your procedure for billing set up is a bit different, but you may find some of the information below still relevant (sharing a billing project with another user, for example). Step 1: Get Cloud credits for BioData Catalyst Step 2: Wait for approval & review the ​Billing overview for BioData Catalyst users Step 3: Credits approved. Now create a new Terra billing project Step 4 (optional): ​Sharing Billing Projects among colleagues

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