Who We Are

Our Culture: Though the primary goal of the BDC project is to build a data science ecosystem, at its core, this is a people-centric endeavor. BDC is also building a community of practice working collaboratively to solve technical and scientific challenges in biomedical science.

Principal Investigators (PIs):

  • Stan Ahalt, PI RENCI (Coordination Center)

  • Rebecca Boyles, Co-PI RTI (Coordination Center)

  • Paul Avillach, PI HMS (Team Carbon)

  • Kira Bradford, Co-PI RENCI (Team Helium)

  • Steve Cox, Co-PI RENCI (Team Helium)

  • Brandi Davis-Dusenbery, PI Seven Bridges (Team Xenon)

  • Robert Grossman, PI UChicago (Team Calcium)

  • Ashok Krishnamurthy, PI RENCI (Team Helium )

  • Benedict Paten, PI UCSC (Team Calcium)

  • Anthony Philippakis, PI Broad Institute (Team Calcium)

Note: BDC collaboration is organized around teams based on elements in the periodic table. There are additional modes of collaboration in BDC including Tiger Teams, Working Groups, Steering Committee, and Publications.

More about who we are and the partners empowering our ecosystem can be found at the BioData Catalyst About page.

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