Troubleshooting & Support

If things aren’t going quite as expected, there are a number of avenues to help unblock any issues you may have.

Troubleshooting This section of the Terra knowledge base contains many useful articles on how to address problems, including a variety of articles describing common workflow errors, as well as more general articles that explain how to find which errors are affecting your work, and how to proceed once you’ve diagnosed your problem.

Monitor your jobs The Job History tab is your workflow operations dashboard, where you can check the status of past and current workflow submissions and find links to the job manager where you can diagnose issues.

How to report an issue There are a number of ways you can report an issue directly to us outlined in this article. If something appears broken, slow, or just plain weird, feel free to let us know.

Community forum A lot of answers can be found on our forum, which is monitored by our dedicated frontline support team and has an integrated search function. If you suspect that you’re running into a common issue but can’t find an answer in the documentation, this is a great place to check.

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