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Dockstore offers faceted search, which allows for flexible querying of tools and workflows. Tabs are used to split up the results between tools and workflows. You can search for basic terms/phrases, filter using facets (like CWL vs WDL), and also use advanced search queries. Learn more here.


You can also search curated workflows in Dockstore's Organizations page.

Organizations are landing pages for collaborations, institutions, consortiums, companies, etc. that allow users to showcase tools and workflows. This is achieved through the creation of collections, which are groupings of related tools and workflows. Learn more about Organization and Collections, including how your research group can create your own organization to share your work with the community.

Dockstore Organizations relevant to BioData Catalyst users:

NHLBI BioData Catalyst

Here, you can find a suite of analysis tools we have developed with researchers that are aimed at the BioData Catalyst community. Examples include workflows for performing GWAS and Structural Variant Calling. Many of these collections also point users to tutorials where you can launch these workflows in our partner platforms and run an analysis.


These workflows are based on pipelines the University of Michigan developed to perform alignment and variant calling on TOPMed data. If you're bringing your own data to BioData Catalyst to compare with TOPMed data, these may be helpful resources.

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