PIC-SURE API Documentation

How to get started with PIC-SURE and the common endpoints you can use to query any resource registered with PIC-SURE

The PIC-SURE v2 API is a meta-API used to host any number of resources exposed through a unified set of generalized operations.

PIC-SURE Repositories:

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Client Libraries

The following are the collected client libraries for the entire PIC-SURE project.

PIC-SURE User Interface

The PIC-SURE User Interface acts as a visual aid for running normal queries of resources through PIC-SURE.

PIC-SURE User Interface Repositories:

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PIC-SURE Auth Micro-App (PSAMA)

The PSAMA component of the PIC-SURE ecosystem authorizes and authenticates all actions taken within PIC-SURE.

PSAMA Repos:

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  • PSAMA Core Logic: This is where the core of the PSAMA application is stored in GitHub

High Performance Data Store (HPDS)

HPDS is a datastore designed to work with the PIC-SURE meta-API. It grants researchers fast, dependable access to static datasets and the ability to produce statistics-ready dataframes filtered on any variable they choose at any time.

HPDS Repositories:

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