Requirements and Login


To obtain access to BioData Catalyst Powered by PIC-SURE, you must have an NIH eRA Commons account. For instructions and to register an account, refer to the eRA website.


After you have created an eRA Commons account, you can log in to BioData Catalyst Powered by PIC-SURE by navigating to and selecting to log in with eRA Commons. You will be directed to the NIH website to log in with your eRA Commons credentials. After signing in and accepting the terms of the agreement on the NIH RAS Information Sharing Consent page, allow the BioData Catalyst Powered by Gen3 service to manage your authorization.

Upon login, you will be directed to the Data Access Dashboard. This page provides a summary of PIC-SURE Authorized Access, PIC-SURE Open Access, and the studies you are authorized to access.

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