Bring in Data from Gen3

BioData Catalyst Powered by Gen3 provides data for many projects and conveniently supports search across the vast set of subjects to identify the best available cohorts for research analysis. Searches are based on harmonized phenotypic variables and may be performed both within and across projects.

When a desired cohort has been identified in Gen3, the cohort may be conveniently "handed-off" to Terra for analysis. Optionally, this dataset may be enhanced with additional metadata from dbGaP, or extended to include additional researcher-provided subject data.

Here we provide essential information for all researchers using BioData Catalyst data from Gen3, including how to access and select Gen3 subject data and hand it off to Terra, as well as a description of the GA4GH Data Repository Service (DRS) protocol and data identifiers used by Gen3 and Terra.

The resources below contain the information you’ll need to access your desired data: Video: Data Analysis with Gen3, Terra and Dockstore Article: ​Discovering Data Using Gen3 Article: ​Understanding and using Gen3 data in Terra Article: ​Data Access with the GA4GH Data Repository Service (DRS) Article: ​Linking Terra to External Servers Article: ​Understanding and setting up a proxy group Workspace: BioDataCatalyst Gen3 data on Terra tutorial Workspace: TOPMed Aligner workspace

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