Seven Bridges

About Seven Bridges

BioData Catalyst Powered by Seven Bridges offers researchers collaborative workspaces for analyzing genomics data at scale. Researchers can find and analyze the hosted TOPMed studies by using hundreds of optimized analysis tools and workflows (pipelines); creating their own workflows; or interactive analysis. On the platform, researchers can utilize collaborative workspaces for analyzing genomics data at scale, and access hosted datasets along with Common Workflow Language (CWL) and GENESIS R package pipelines for analysis. This platform also enables users to bring their own data for analysis and work in RStudio and Jupyterlab Notebooks for interactive analysis.

Key Features

  • Private, secure, workspaces (projects) for running analyses at scale

  • Collaboration features with the ability to set granular permissions on project members

  • Direct access to BioData Catalyst without needing to set up a Google or AWS billing account

  • Access hosted TOPMed studies all in one place and analyze data on the cloud at scale

  • Tools and features for performing multiple-variant and single-variant association studies including:

    • Annotation Explorer for variant aggregations

    • Cloud-optimized Genesis R package workflows in Common Workflow Language

  • Cohort creation by searching phenotype data

    • Use PIC-SURE API for searching phenotype data

    • Search by known dbGaP identifiers

  • Rstudio and Jupyterlab Notebooks built directly into the platform for easy interactive analysis and manipulation of phenotype data

  • Hosted TOPMed data you can combine with your own data on AWS or Google Cloud

  • Billing and administrative controls to help your research funding go further: avoid forgotten instances, abort infinite loops, get usage breakdowns by project.

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