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Our mission is to catalyze open, reproducible research in the cloud

We hope Dockstore provides a reference implementation for tool sharing in the sciences. Dockstore is essentially a living and evolving proof of concept designed as a starting point for two activities that we hope will result in community standards within the GA4GH:

  • a best practices guide for describing tools in Docker containers with CWL/WDL/Nextflow

  • a minimal web service standard for registering, searching and describing CWL/WDL-annotated Docker containers that can be federated and indexed by multiple websites

We plan on expanding the Dockstore in several ways over the coming months. Please see our issues page for details and discussions.

Building a community

To help Dockstore grow, we encourage users to publish their tools and workflows on Dockstore so that they can be used by the greater scientific community. Here is how to get started:

Create a Dockstore account

Register your tool or workflow on Dockstore

Create an Organization, invite your collaborators, and promote your work in collections

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