Terra Tutorials

Tutorial workspaces and articles available for users of BioData Catalyst Powered by Terra

Onboarding Webinars

For the latest training webinars, view the recordings of our first onboarding webinar - with a data-focused agenda - and our second onboarding webinar - with an agenda covering more advanced workflow concepts such as configuration and WDL scripts.

End-to-End Workspace-Based Tutorials

These hands-on tutorials cover the full flow of selecting data in Gen3, then handing off that data to Terra for analysis.

PIC-SURE Tutorials in Terra

These workspaces hit the PIC-SURE API that offers search features for controlled-access data from BioData Catalyst. You can query studies and subset based on patients matching specified criteria, as well as retrieve a cohort that has been created using the PIC-SURE interface.

Additional Tutorial Articles

Additional Tutorial Resources

These tutorials often use Terra’s data model. If you would like to use Gen3 data with these examples, we suggest that you begin with Getting Started with Gen3 Data on Terra, which can help you transform graph-structured data into a data model easier to use with our entire suite of tutorials.

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